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It is his glory that he did not move with the times; it is his reward that

he now remains when those times, as all times do, have moved away.

– C. S. Lewis on St Athanasius,  

“On the reading of old books (1944)



An integrated Table of Contents for C. S. Lewis’s Collected Letters

3,208 letters in three volumes, listed by date and by recipient’s name

C. S. Lewiss Shorter Writings

A survey of his shorter prose writings as published in collected editions (1939-2013);

followed by alphabetical & chronological listings

A History of C. S. Lewis’s Collected Shorter Writings, 1939-2000

With a 2015 postscript

“I still hope that Lewis’s shorter writings will one day receive the definitive,
comprehensive and lovingly attentive treatment they deserve.

A Summary of The Abolition of Man

Followed by a Brief Summary

The Anscombe Affair

What Lewis really did to Miracles: A scrutiny and presentation of primary sources

“Is this what we call a win-win game after all?

C. S. Lewis in The Spectator, 1920-1970

How he wrote and was written about

“We must get rid of our arrogant assumption that it is the masses who can be led by the nose.”
IR – Readers who accept Mr. C. S. Lewis’s tasty soothing syrup will be in for a rude awakening.”

How Heathen was Britain...

...while C. S. Lewis was “transmitting Christianity”?

“Nothing which was not in the teachers can flow from them into the pupils

Mere Christianity

Where Lewis found the phrase

And now Sir, I am sorry that you are not content with meer Christianity,

and to be a Member of the Catholick Church ...
–– Richard Baxter, 1680

C. S. Lewis in times of Trump

The instruction for Christians sent out among the wolves

“A tour de force of good sense … Christians should indeed take note.”
–– Rowan Williams (September 2020)

Ayn Rand on The Abolition of Man

her private (yet published) marginalia

“The ‘rational’ to him is blind faith! ... The abysmal scum!

George Orwell on That Hideous Strength

Review in Manchester Evening News, 16 August 1945

“We are within sight of the time when such dreams will be realisable

The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy

A detailed summary of Étienne Gilson’s Gifford Lectures 1931

How Christianity “provided philosophers with more rational truth than they found in philosophy”

Horrid Red Herrings

C. S. Lewis and the “Argument from Desire”

It is a remarkable fact that no canonical writer has ever used Nature to prove God.

“The intellectual problem raised by suffering”

Assessing the philosophical weight of Lewis’s first foray into Christian apologetics

“By attending more closely to the overall argument than to any detachable gem, supposed or
otherwise, we may come to see more clearly what it means to be a Christian thinker …”

C. S. Lewis, St Jerome, and the Biblical Creation Story

The likely background of a recurrent misattribution

“The importance of accuracy is a lesson to be drawn and remembered by all of us.”

The Allegory of Love: a detailed summary

Lewis’s 1936 masterpiece on “the liberation of fantasy from its allegorical justification”
condensed in 13,500 words

“What the romantics learned from Spenser was something different from alle­gory;
but perhaps he could not have taught it unless he had been an allegorist.”

C. S. Lewis and Baron von Hügel

Echoes from a forgotten thinker

“... the soul, qua religious, has no interest in just simple unending existence …
“… the source and object of religion … cannot be as clear to me even as I am to my dog.”

Critical Notes on Alister McGrath’s biography of C. S. Lewis

Including a review essay in Journal of Inklings Studies, April 2014

“Aslan is not a tame lion, and we may doubt McGrath has succeeded in taming Lewis.

Sweetly poisonous in a welcome way: Reflections on a Definitive Biography

On A. N. Wilson’s biography of C. S. Lewis

“Wild ideas about Lewis may not only be studied by Wilson but in Wilson.

*  with a Postscript (2009)  *

The Writings of Joy Davidman Lewis (1915-1960)

By Paul Leopold. The Bulletin of the New York C. S. Lewis Society, February 1983

“The courage so celebrated in her writings appears to have been really hers

J. B. S. Haldane on C. S. Lewis

As Lewis has completed his science fiction trilogy, a great scientist hits back

“His arguments seem to me to include many which definitely muddy the stream of human thought

Mary Midgley on C. S. Lewis

 A moral philosopher’s opinion and reminiscences of CSL, as given in a private correspondence

“Like good wine, he improves with time

Alastair Fowler on C. S. Lewis

Yale Review, October 2003

“Of course he was bookish; hang it, he tutored in literature

A valuable addition to Studies in Words

Logan Pearsall Smith’s essay “Four Romantic Words” (1925)

Gollancz Memorial Prize 1937

CSL’s prizemanship reveals a cultural and scientific cornucopia

“Great War” Corrigenda

Correction slip for The “Great War” of Owen Barfield and C. S. Lewis (2015)

C. S. Lewis in Poets’ Corner: Rowan Williams’s Address

Westminster Abbey, London, 22 November 2013

“Lewis’s interest in words and what they tell us about humanity, is one
reason ... to remember today the fact that we honour him in Poets’ Corner.”

Notes on The Pilgrim’s Regress

Notes on The Problem of Pain

Notes on The Screwtape Letters

Notes on The Abolition of Man

Notes on Out of the Silent Planet

Notes on Perelandra

Notes on That Hideous Strength

Notes on Miracles

Notes on Surprised by Joy

Index to Surprised by Joy

Notes on Reflections on the Psalms

Notes on The Four Loves

Notes on Letters to Malcolm


A 13th-century portrait of C. S. Lewis



C. S. Lewis Bibliography  |  Bibliografie van C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis in Dutch  |  C. S. Lewis in het Nederlands

Bibliography of Dutch Lewis translations, 1947 to the present

Bibliografie van Nederlandse Lewis-vertalingen, 1947 tot heden

Books on View  |  Boeken in beeld

covers of Dutch C. S. Lewis translations, 1947-2019

omslagen van Nederlandse Lewisvertalingen, 1947-2019



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Notities bij mijn zoveelste herlezing van De afschaffing van de mens

Op en achter de zegekar

C. S. Lewis en Reijer Hooykaas over Francis Bacon en de Wetenschappelijke Revolutie

Ken je Klassieken: C. S. Lewis

Gastcollege voor de Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, 16 januari 2017

Paas & Peels en C. S. Lewis

Een Lewisiaans commentaar op God bewijzen (2013) van Stefan Paas en Rik Peels


Levensloop van C. S. Lewis in jaartallen


in mijn EIGEN Lewis-vertalingen

De Socratic Club, toen en nu?
Een vergelijking met het werk van ForumC in Nederland anno 2012

Bij de verschijning van twee Lewis-vertalingen, 1 maart 2007

Waarom C. S. Lewis schreef zoals hij schreef

Lewis, Tolkien en de Gollancz-connectie

Chemie” tussen alfa’s en bètas

Het raadsel der leesbaarheid

A. N. Wilson over C. S. Lewis

Radicale verlichting of radicale verduistering?

Het hoofdstuk over C. S. Lewis in de bundel Conservatieve vooruitgang (2010)

o.r.v. Thierry Baudet en Michiel Visser

Lewis als “conservatieve denker”

blog voor www.protestant.nl, augustus 2010

Een dikke Duitse dissertatie

recensie van
Norbert Feinendegen, Denk-Weg zu Christus:
C. S. Lewis als kritischer Denker der Moderne

C. S. Lewis in Duitsland

recensie van
Wahrheit und Selbstüberschreitung
, hrsg.
Möllenbeck & Wald (2009)

–– over C. S. Lewis en Josef Pieper

Lewis op zijn best

Een bespreking van zijn sciencefiction-trilogie

Samenvatting van The Allegory of Love (1936)

Samenvatting van De afschaffing van de mens (The Abolition of Man, 1943)

Samenvatting van An Experiment in Criticism (1961)

Recensie van All My Road Before Me (1991)

Recensie van C. S. Lewis: A Companion and Guide (1996)

Recensie van Collected Letters of C. S. Lewis (2000-2006)



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